Our mentors

Mentors from the Mentorat BIOSUCCÈS network come from the life sciences and health technologies sector and have been involved in the various phases of creation and development of successful organisations in this field. Our mentors are objective and have no financial interest in your business. Their independence is a guarantee of confidence.

We display hereafter a list of our mentors along with a short bio.

Please note that assigning a mentor to a mentee is a based on several criteria such as availability, geographical location, complementarity, etc. Potential mentees can’t therefore request to be associated to such or such mentor in this list.

Johanne Boucher Champagne / Québec city region

Mrs. Johanne Boucher  Champagne is a manager working for more than 35 years in the field of pharmaceutical research and life sciences. She successively held several functions in basic and applied research. She has worked in benches of laboratories of Biochemistry and metabolism, in research project management, marketing and administration and business management and development.

André P. Boulet / Montréal Region

Dr. Boulet is an executive with broad experience in all aspects of pharmaceutical product development and it’s financing. He has a direct experience with clinical research, health economics, venture capital, corporate management and all of its related financing activities. He offers a global solution by reconciling and optimising the compatibility of his skills. Through his strengths, he masters the art of convincing a vast variety of stakeholders coming from diversified fields. A team worker, he can rally people behind a vision with the ultimate goal of producing winning products. His interest is in companies with innovative technologies/approach, venture capital.

Gilles Chaumillon / Montréal region

Gilles Chaumillon is an experienced manager who has worked for over 15 years in the field of life sciences and medical devices, has been Director of R & D and process development in biopharmaceuticals, joined several biotechnology companies where he held functions as senior director , project management and product development director of business and became CEO of a company specializing in clinical research Phase IV and pharmacoeconomics . He was also CEO of an animal nutrition business , and devoteds himself to the Board in development technology and science companies and mentoring project for compliance with ISO 13485 and H ACCP.

Gilles Derome / Montréal region

Mr. Derome has over 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical sector coupled with coaching and experience in canvassing start-ups in Life Sciences .In pharmaceuticals, he has held various positions in sales, marketing and new product development , leading to manage a commercial unit in NeuroScience where he had full responsibility for the Business Unit . He has worked in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical service sectors as Vice President , Business Development for two companies where he participated in the creation of several partnership agreements with pharmaceutical companies . As Vice President, in Life Sciences at the Centre d’entreprise et d’innovation de Montreal, Mr. Derome has worked in development of young companies, providing services in strategic market analysis, business plans, commercialization support and strategic partnership. He initiated the activities of the Commercialization Office at the Centre of Excellence in Drug Discovery – University of Montreal , where he contributed to the establishment of strategic partnership agreements with the pharmaceutical industry.

Michael Fahey / Montréal region

Michael Fahey is a Senior Leader with over 30 years of international experience in systems engineering, information technology, life sciences and healthcare technologies. He is a catalyst for innovation and encourages the development of talent and a culture of entrepreneurship that focuses on customer needs and delivering value. He works with chief executives to facilitate the review and development of go-to market strategies, venture financing, business development and critical talent and succession management. Mr. Fahey holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering).

Pierre Falardeau / Montréal region

Dr. Falardeau is a dynamic and result-driven bio-pharmaceutical executive of private and publicly traded companies with broad drug development experience acquired over several years in the field of oncology. He has strong general management capabilities with expertise in financing, drug development, and operational function. He has concluded many transactions from collaboration to acquisition, and led the development of several drugs from discovery to NDA. He is currently president of Oncozyme pharma since 2010 and sits on several boards of Directors of companies and organizations of the biotechnology sector.

Claude Gaumond / Montréal region

Claude Gaumond is the founding president of group MEDICAL GAUMOND, a firm specializing in the design and manufacturing of innovative medical devices. Mr. Gaumond is the inventor of a device for exposure to a hyperbaric environment. No other device of the kind has yet been marketed. Since the beginning of the project, Mr. Gaumond has managed to get several grants from government funds research to develop this device. While the approval for Europe process is completed, it directs its efforts towards the commercialization of the product for Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Francine Gervais / Francine Gervais

Mrs. Gervais is a consultant in pharmaceutical development and she assists investor groups in due diligence process and strategic planning of investment, consultation in R&D organizational structure (pharmacology (R&D), pre-clinical and clinical strategies) in accordance with industrial standards. She also prepares due diligence package for pharmaceutical companies. She also has an expertise in inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases, immunological and neurological disorders (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease, pain, epilepsy).

René Gosselin / Montréal region

Mr. Gosselin is a senior executive with extensive experience in business development in entrepreneurial settings with impressive credentials in innovation. He has the ability to identify, lead and manage, analyze business opportunities, and successfully implement projects which have continuously built measurable value. He excels at expanding leading-edge product pipelines by catalyzing R&D programs with creative collaborations and building sales through international partnerships.

Jacques Guertin / Montréal region

Mr. Guertin’s career has allowed him to acquire strong management skills in diverse economic sectors and the ability to advise managers on the achievement of corporate objectives. His numerous interventions have allowed him to develop a very effective methodology of interventions based on teamwork, communication, and a leadership of influence likely to rally and the transfer of knowledge.

Michel Lamontagne / Montréal region

Michel Lamontagne, a tax lawyer by training, is currently active as a Corporate Director, in the fields of small and medium-sized enterprise financing and business consulting. His career led him from government positions to the business world, including big business and multinationals, specializing in governance issues, business strategy and corporate reorganization, management challenges, financing, communications and government relations.

Claude LeDuc / Montréal region

Mr. Leduc is a professional Executive CEO / COO with 27 years of international experience and achievement in private and Fortune 500 Companies. His qualities include exemplary leadership; ability to set clear goals and oversee their effective execution, and directing/coaching/inspiring teams and individuals to shine. An organization that is strategically committed to producing substantial, sustainable growth for all stakeholders can benefit from the professional and personal equity that he will invest.

Paul Lévesque / Montréal region

Through his broad Canadian and International experience, Mr. Lévesque has gained significant insight and understanding of the healthcare challenges facing governments around the world, and has worked to foster collaboration and innovation among the public and private sectors to address them. A strong believer in the importance of a knowledge-based economy, he has played a key role in all the geographies in which he has worked, advocating for increased investment in research and development in order to accelerate medical discovery and stimulate economic growth.

Josée Morin / Québec city region

Mrs. Morin has more than 25 years of experience in technology, financing, business development and governance within companies and organizations from the fields of the information technologies, health, optics and Photonics and bio-industries. Her privileged areas of intervention are the strategy development of the American market, the development of business models in TI, the use of technology in health, the support for business start-ups and funding. She is now a consultant in technology and governance.

Samir Mounir / Montréal region

Dr. Mounir has several years of experience in the venture capital field and in the world of investment in the life sciences and health technology industry. Previously, he had spent 15 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. After obtaining his Ph.D., he built himself a career as researcher, professor, then as manager in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, where he managed several R&D projects , that led to the development of clinical candidates. Then, having completed an MBA, his career takes a new turn. After a number of years, as senior analyst responsible for a sizable portfolio of enterprises in the life sciences and health technology industry, he co-founded two biotechnology firms. It is based on this dual background that he has become an expert, renowed in the healthcare sector as well as the world of investment in the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and medical technology industries.

Jean-Maurice Plourde / Québec city region

Mr. Plourde has over 40 years of experience in planning of scientific and technological development, in management and strategic consulting, in innovation as well as innovation to SMEs in bio-industry projects. He is an economist by training and holds a Masters in industrial relations. He is active in several organizations devoted to the technological and industrial development of Quebec. Member of several boards of Directors of emerging technology companies and organizations, including the Presidency, in 1997 and 1998, of the Quebec bio-industries Association, that became BioQuébec.

Luc Sirois / Montréal region

Luc Sirois is a successful entrepreneur and expert in digital healthcare. He leads the development and expansion of Hacking Health, a global movement to improve healthcare and digital innovation in this critical field. The secret to success? Collaboration, creativity, and teaming up with like minded people to drive more action, less talk.

Patrick Tremblay / Montréal region

Mr. Tremblay holds the position of Senior Vice President at Caprion where he is responsible for corporate development strategies and development of diagnostics. He has extensive training and experience from academic field, biopharmaceutical and investment . He holds a Bachelor of Science from McGill University and a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Montreal , and completed his postdoctoral studies in Germany at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry . He has worked with the U.S. investment firm Pappas Ventures and has also held the positions of Vice- President Research and Development at BioAxone Therapeutics and Director of Pharmacology at Neurochem where he developed drugs for the disease of Alzheimer and injuries to the spinal cord . Patrick was also an assistant professor of Neurology at the University of California at San Francisco where he worked on neurodegeneration induced by prions with the team of Stanley Prusiner , Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology (1997). He is also involved in many innovative initiatives in the field of life sciences and has recently co-founded the Partnership for personalized cancer medicine ( PMPC ) and worked closely with the creation, financing and launch of the new Institute dedicated to the development Neomed innovative new drugs.

Claude Vezeau / Montréal region

Dr. Vezeau is an experienced leader and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the life sciences, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, including the financing of several biotechnology companies. Dr. Vezeau’s 30-year pharmaceutical experience includes clinical research, product development, sales and marketing, business development and operations. He also worked in the venture capital sector, playing a major role in structuring many financing equities and corporate strategies, including the merger of Intellivax Inc. with ID Biomedical Inc. Dr. Vezeau’s objective is to play a key role in the development of the knowledge industry in Quebec particularly through the exploitation of emerging technologies.